Get in the Loop: Join Kaloop Beta


Reassurance + Dignity + Togetherness


Kaloop helps families who have an aging loved one living home alone. We use advanced sensors to reassure the family that Grandma's OK without violating her privacy. It helps more family members "get in the loop" of care, so they feel engaged and connected to how she's doing.

No lanyards. No bracelets. No intrusive gadgets. No WiFi. No phone line.


we started this to help our own grandmothers.

We took our patent-pending Veracity3 sensor technology and created Kaloop to help our own families come together, engage more, and get better connected with our own grandmothers and grandfathers.


We need a very limited number of Beta Users. 

We will waive the hardware cost ($199) and work closely with you to ensure Kaloop is working for you, that it's bringing you closer and offering you reassurance about your aging loved one.


We will refund your money if you are not satisfied.

This is about bringing families together around their beloved mother, father, grandmother or grandfather (or other loved one). We will work actively and closely with our limited group of beta users and if you are not satisfied--if things don't work out--we will refund your money. 


Are you ready?